SHARPEN Skills Training

Sharpen Skills Training Mission Statement

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. Proverbs 27:17.

Sharpen Skills Training is committed to sharpening the mind, body, and spirit of our athletes so they can perform at a high level and be their best all-around selves.

Sharpen Skills Training Company History

Sharpen Skills Training started its athletic training program in 2020, during the pandemic. With just a few weights, turf, and a new concept in training, a mother and son started working out. As word spread, more athletes and adults started to join the program. Upon the completion of Ambrose Crossing, a full weight room with 2 power racks, dumbbells 5 lbs. to 60 lbs., resistance bands, and a cable machine was added to aid in the training program. From there, athletic training began to take off and Sharpen has worked with individuals, small groups, and teams in a variety of training classes.

In 2021, Sharpen Skills Training put together a program to train athletes’ minds to perform at their best. The goal and intention of this program was to provide middle school, high school, and college level athletes a space to learn about themselves and find different perspectives to enhance their life experiences. A curriculum was created containing topics such as building confidence, coping with mistakes, understanding fear of failure, managing expectations, building healthy communication styles and so much more. The program began with a small group made up of athletes in various sports and has grown to assist individual athletes across the country and local team programs.

Sharpen Skills Training has now worked with hundreds of athletes through physical and mental performance. From youth workout classes to sport specific skills, to one-on-one mental performance coaching, to varsity team performance training, the evolution of Sharpen has just begun. Sharpen is here to build complete athletes.