Mentally train your brain the way you physically train your body!

•  Increase confidence   •  Encourage positive attitude
•  Boost motivation through goal setting   •  Implement positive self talk and mental imagery

Strengthening your mental ability will improve your overall performance and give you the EDGE over the competition!

Athlete Checklist

Athlete Communication

Building Confidence

Calm Your Mind: Breathing Techniques

College Sport Considerations

Competition Journal Pages

Cycle of Anger

Dealing with Difficult Emotions

Development Stages of Young Athletes

Knowing Your Why

Mental Performance vs. Mental Health

Let Go of Mistakes

The Mistake Spiral

Parent’s Playbook: The Car Ride Home


PETTLEP Model of Imagery

Post Game Evaluation

Practice Journal

Pregame Jitters vs. Performance Anxiety

S.M.A.R.T Goals

Types of Self Talk

Working through Distractions