Mentally train your brain the way you physically train your body!

•  Increase confidence   •  Encourage positive attitude
•  Boost motivation through goal setting   •  Implement positive self talk and mental imagery

Strengthening your mental ability will improve your overall performance and give you the EDGE over the competition!

Self-Care Essentials Packet

Goal Setting: Baseball Edition

Goal Setting Workbook: Football Edition

Goal Setting: Tennis Edition

Goal Setting: Gymnastics Edition

Goal Setting: Volleyball Edition

Goal Setting: Lacrosse Edition

Goal Setting: Track & XC Edition

Goal Setting Workbook

Off-Season Training Workbook

Battle Burnout

The Confident Athlete: Tips for Building and Keeping Confidence in Sports

Master Communication: Empowering Athletes to be Confident Communicators

Parent Packet: Support Your Athlete the Best You Can

Time Management: Helping Athletes Manage, Prioritize, and Plan

Understanding Stress and Anxiety

Your Words Matter: Understanding and Mastering Positive Self-Talk