How Does Mental Performance Coaching Help Athletes?

  • Perform with confidence in competition.
  • Improve mental skills, such as confidence, concentration/focus and composure.
  • Uncover faulty thinking and beliefs that interfere with peak performance.

What are the advantages?

Mental Performance Coaching helps athletes understand how their mind influences performance and how to apply mental strategies to help perform their best in competition. It also helps athletes improve practice efficiency and focus.

You’ll learn how to mentally prepare for competition and take your practice game to competition successfully. The goal is to improve performance by learning how to have proactive confidence and trust in your skills.

Learning these skills will also help athletes feel confident in other areas of their life. Athletes will be encouraged to transfer skills learned in Mental Performance Coaching sessions to the classroom, relationships, and other areas of their life where the skills are applicable. Building a well rounded athlete outside of the practice and competition field is a large focus of the program.

How can I benefit from Mental Performance Coaching?

You can benefit from mental coaching when you know you perform better in practice compared to competition.

In addition, mental coaching can help if you:

  • Perform inconsistently in competition.
  • Lose self-confidence.
  • Become distracted easily.
  • Get upset easily after mistakes.
  • Feel tight or anxious in competition.
  • Can’t have fun or enjoy sports.
  • Can’t take your skills to competition.
  • Perform “safe” or tentatively.
  • Have a fear of making mistakes.
  • Worry too much about what others think.

Mental Performance Coaching can also help teams and coaches by enhancing confidence, improving focus, increasing practice efficiency and building team unity.

It also can help your team avoid slumps. Your team can also learn how to communicate better with each other and a coach. You’ll learn how athletes can work together and support each other.

One-on-One Precision Mental Performance Training

  • Up to 4 Individual Sessions with a Mental Performance Coach. A blend of videos, one-on-one sessions, and outside work. The Athlete will complete an assessment to determine personal areas of their mental game that they would like to improve or work on for their sport

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