We offer physical and mental training programs to sharpen athletes of all ages!

Whether you’re looking to start your son or daughter in a sport, cross-train, condition, or sharpen their skills, we will help give your child the edge they need to reach their individual goals!

No matter their sport, we offer the tools and experience to help guide and mold your child into the complete athlete.

From individual drills to team-based drills, we provide your child with the coaching to help them sharpen their skills, as well as help guide them on their athletic journey while tracking and measuring their progress along the way.

Looking to meet your own fitness goals? Adult conditioning is also available!

Our trainers can develop a program for you that will fit busy schedules. Utilize our facility that has over 20,000 sq ft of space to provide weight training, conditioning on turf, and alternative workouts on our basketball/volleyball courts.


Cross Training

Skill Building

Strength Training

Mental Performance Coaching

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About Our Trainers

Our trainers are certified in strength & conditioning through the NSCA and have taught a variety of weight lifting, general physical education, and college credit plus courses. They have exercise science and psychology degrees and experience overseeing all sports programs at all levels of athletics.

Our Partners

What separates the good from the great athletes is the ability to be well-rounded.

At Sharpen Skills Training, our goal is not to do simply one thing well, it is to do everything well and give you the best opportunity to become a complete well-rounded athlete not only for this season, but for the seasons ahead.


Sharpen Skills Training is a fitness center located at 978 Pearl Road in Brunswick, Ohio. We deliver a myriad of training, conditioning sessions, and workshops to help athletes learn how to build their skills and enhance their performance in order to achieve their goals. At Sharpen Skills, you can count on being guided by a highly experienced personal trainer or a well-educated performance coach. Under their direction you can anticipate great improvement on your mental and physical training! Our trainers and coaches not only will aim to meet your expectations, but they will consistently surpass them. Your personal trainer will develop and deliver the most effective fitness program for you. Your Sharpen Skills trainer is going to ensure that your programs will be suited to your specific preferences and health needs.

Sharpen Skills is very fortunate to have qualified and certified professionals working in our fitness center. Our membership packages allow our clients to find the best training resources that suit them and their individual requirements. Your personal trainer will ensure that you enroll in a program geared to your needs and not the other way around, as no two people are alike. To learn more about our amazing and affordable Sharpen Skills Training programs, call or text us at 330-275-3540. Our convenient fitness center hours are as follows:

  • 8 AM–7PM, Monday – Friday
  • Saturday and Sunday by Appointment Only

We look forward to helping you get a personal trainer or performance coach who can help you attain your goals!