Mental Performance Reviews

Sharpen Skills Mental Performance Coaching has changed the mindset of my young athletes. The curriculum is both specific to sport as well as age-appropriate life lessons that can be used as building blocks as they advance in age and in their sport. Both the instruction and the collateral has been developed to plant seeds of positive thinking, confidence building, and obstacle management. My athletes have been given tools to boost their self-talk, come prepared to play with positive routines to set up for success, and handle challenges with a more positive and resilient approach. I’d highly recommend Emily’s training for young athletes that are serious about their sport, as it certainly helps develop the well-rounded athlete into outperforming others by controlling emotions and expectations in order to exude peak performance.

Amy I.

“Fantastic Program”

I wasn’t very sure what a Mental Health Coach would do to enhance our son’s athletic abilities.

Now that he’s been in the program working with Emily, he’s really gotten a great perspective on his abilities, win or lose and not just win or lose, but how to deal with the stress of being a student athlete. Balancing academics, sports and social activities.

He really enjoys meeting with Emily, not just as a Mental Health Coach but also as a friend who cares about how he is doing! This program brings a much needed balance to the student athlete! “HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!”

Bill C.

My daughter has worked with a different therapist in the past (not associated with SSMPT) and she dreaded every session. Now, she is excited to talk with her SSMPT each week and actually looks forward to her sessions.

Her belief in her abilities, on and off the field, has grown and she attributes that to the guidance she has received from her SSMPT “coach”.

Cindy H.

“My daughter struggles with severe frustration and being too hard on herself for not being perfect in the sports she plays. This causes negative consequences and decreases her ability to perform. Sharpen Skills Mental Performance Training gives her a space to talk about these issues as well as learn how to react to these emotions differently. She is given a new set of tools to utilize when dealing with the ups and downs of sports and life. Emily is genuine, can relate to my daughter and what she deals with and is very caring. This training is invaluable!”

Rebecca C.

Sports Training Reviews

Amazing strength and agility training here! Facility is beautiful, clean with great equipment! Trainer Andrew is awesome! I have 2 high school athletes and 2 middle school athletes that train here and they love it and have gotten a lot stronger, faster and more coordinated and agile! We love this place! Highly recommend it! We’ve been to other gyms and would choose this place over any other training facility again and again!

Rebecca C.

My male and female teenagers have been training in this program for the last few months and they are getting stronger and more skilled in their respective sports. We have been very happy with the attention to their individual abilities and the feedback from the trainer as they have progressed. My kids look forward to their training sessions and are excited to continue with the programs designed for them and their individual needs. We highly recommend Sharpen Skills Training.

Lani S.

My 2 sons (10 & 14) have been doing conditioning with them for the last 2 months. We have seen amazing results in both there strength and attitude! When our schedule permits we will be adding more days.

Todd S.

“Noah has demonstrated a commitment to running over the last three years. He joined the St. Ambrose Cross Country team in 8th grade only two weeks before the season began – finishing his campaign as Rookie of the Year. Noah stuck with Cross Country his Freshman year of High School through all of the pandemic challenges. This past Cross Country season, Noah consistently improved his PR, earned a team ‘Runner of the Week’ designation and was moved up to Varsity, one week before breaking his collarbone in an accident, thereby ending his Sophomore campaign.

As part of his recovery and in preparation for his first Track season, Noah registered for the Sharpen Skills Elite Performance Package in December and began a strength training regimen with Andrew two times each week, supplemented by mental coaching with Emily one day every week.

In the last three months, Noah’s strength has increased considerably, his muscle definition enhanced and his self confidence has grown in the weight room, in his competitive performance and in High School. We highly recommend Sharpen Skills Training.

Melissa and Jeremy L.