We offer several athletic training and conditioning sessions and workshops to learn fundamentals, build skills and speed, cross-train and strength train including:

  • Age-based athletic training sessions for 3-5th grade, 5-8th grade, 9-12th grade
  • Adult training sessions
  • Mom’s workout class
  • Open gym time for courts or turf (individual or group availability)
  • Training for teams/groups

We offer the highest level of training given by experienced and well-educated coaches who are committed to your or your child’s success. Our mission is to help athletes sharpen their skills and improve performance and reach their goals.

Athletic Training Membership Packages

Bronze – $50/mo; 4 workouts/mo
Silver – $85/mo; 8 workouts/mo
Gold – $105/mo; 12 workouts/mo
Platinum – $125/mo; unlimited workouts
Elite Athlete Training Program – $350; This blended program is designed for individual student athletes which includes:

  • High-level strength training/conditioning – up to 12 workouts per month
  • Sport-specific skill development
  • Sports performance mental coaching – 2 sessions per month

After purchasing your elite package, our coaches/trainers will meet with you to develop your customized performance plan.